Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What happens to rich preachers in a recession?

"First of all, we don't have two Rolls-Royces. And secondly, the one Rolls-Royce that was purchased was purchased by the donors, or the members of the church, and it was a surprise to me. I had no idea they were doing it."
- Creflo Dollar

Christianity Today reports on a real tear jerker: Prosperity preachers are facing the possibility of scaling back on their lavish lifestyles during these hard financial times. Kenneth Copeland, for example has learned that he will have to pay taxes on one of his jets. Oh the humanity! What's next? Fewer diamonds for Gloria?! Will TBN have to do with fewer pieces of gilded furniture? Will Benny Hinn be able to continue paying for his gravity-defying comb-over?

Craig Blomberg, author of a 2001 study of prosperity theology, said he expects the movement to "take a small hit among those who recognize that it can't deliver on what it promises."

But many followers could view the financial difficulties as consequences for sin and personal failings—from Weeks's assault conviction to the Whites' divorce—and determine to try that much harder to please God and prosper themselves, he suggested.

"Some may well interpret this as judgment on the leaders who have abused their positions or proved immoral in other respects," said Blomberg, a New Testament professor at Denver Seminary. "And many may simply assume this is the time to call others and themselves to an even truer faith so that the 'system will work' as it is supposed to in their minds."

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toothdoc said...

I was hoping they had a video of your installation service, thanks for posting it here. You guys are really passionate about money at COS :)

Mainline Mom said...

Hey now, that's a sensitive issue in a church as wealthy as COS...

That video makes me want to puke.

Todd Pruitt said...


Yes it was quite a moving experience. We had people run around the front of the worship center and throw hundred dollar bills around the pulpit. Then Kenneth Copeland, our special guest, led them in "the money chant."

Ironically, vomit actually has more nutritional value than the teachings of the men on that video.

Luis Delgado said...
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toothdoc said...

MM -Sorry - I meant absolutely no disrespect to COS, I was just being silly!

Todd - the 1st minute of that video I, honestly, thought was a SNL skit. I find it hard to believe (not that people preach it but that people follow what is so clearly not-scriptural). We truly hear and see what we want to hear and see and form God into our image.

ps - I'm going to be in DC in 6 weeks and was thinking about going to Capitol Hill Baptist, any thoughts or recommendations?

Todd Pruitt said...


Isn't it interesting that these guys are their own parody? How can anyone possibly look any more silly or corrupt than Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar? Once you've seen the real thing there's no place for SNL to go. They can't top it.

Noel said...

I wonder if they believe what they're preaching?

Mainline Mom said...

Oh Ric, I knew you were kidding. But in all seriousness COS is in an extremely wealthy town with some extremely wealthy members who are wonderful, God-fearing, non-prosperity-gospel believing people. They are very generous but I know having money is something they wrestle with as Christians.

toothdoc said...

Noel, Your question is one that I struggle with every time I see a "health & wealth" preacher. I have some dear friends that have bought into this theology hook, line and sinker and believe it with a "faith" that, I'm sorry to say, may surpass my faith in the true and living God. So, do those who preach this believe it to the degree Piper, Mahaney, Pruitt (just a little ego stroke to TAP) believe what they preach? I find that hard to believe but can someone be that cold hearted to preach what they don't?