Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Truth is never in fashion

I like Mark Driscoll even though some of his words and methods drive me a bit crazy. Nevertheless I rejoice in his commitment to Scripture and sound doctrine. I am also reminded of the fact that as much as I would like to be liked by everyone, as preacher I know this is not possible. I know what it is to be on the receiving end of some pretty vicious words. The challenge is how to remain sensative and at the same time have very thick skin. It ain't easy.


Noel said...

I listen to Mark Driscoll frequently. What I like about him is he is willing to speak about the issues that this culture is grapling with. Face it, We are bombarded with sexual sin, drug use, false teaching, and bad religion constantly. It is the mantra of the world and it is absolutely relentless. It is everywhere, all the time. He doesn't play "religion" but instead tackles these issues frankly and biblically. (and he usually does it in the context of an expositonal sermon series..I love it!)

He has helped me thoughfully engage my friends and my children when they have questions about the perverse culture in which we live. Ignoring the problems doesn't work. We have to face them, adress them frankly and search God's word. If we don't, our kids will be approached directly and frankly by the world. In my opinion (which means nothing)his success shows how desperately hungry people are to hear straight answers.

nailed to the doors said...

The question is how "sensitive" must we be when someone is destined to burn for eternity?

You know why we'll be crying in heaven and God must wipe away our tears? We will remember those we love, who are not with us, for the last time.

Sensitivity is akin to sentimentalism. A little is almost too much, and both are like too much sugar.

Todd Pruitt said...


The Gospel is offensive. The cross is a stumbling block. But let us be sure that if there is offense (and there will be) it is because of the Gospel and not because we are jerks.

nailed to the doors said...

Jerk - an offensive term for somebody who is regarded as behaving foolishly
(slang insult)

My favorite - made with strongly flavored spices, including hot peppers and allspice, as a marinade or rub for grilled meats

Of course the first verb meaning - transitive verb to pull somebody or something with a sudden strong movement - • He jerked her back from the abyss, the precipice.