Monday, January 5, 2009

Cows - The new environmental criminals

Having no idea what it takes to run a business, meet a payroll, or deal with the consequences of their own actions government beuarocrats decide to tax cows for crimes against the environment.

Check out THIS STORY from Business and Media Institute.

Are we next?

Will the EPA ban Mexican food and legumes of all sorts?

Will the UN declare that children must be protected from second hand gas?

Perhaps the good folks in Berkley, CA can show us the way.


Noel said...

Once agian...too funny.:) I'm gonna have to start filing all your posts on environmentalism.

Todd Pruitt said...

It's the environmentalists that keep giving us so much great material. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up to find that they've been joking around all along.

Mainline Mom said...

Me = environmentalist. I'm just gonna stick to your theology posts.

Noel said...

Mainline Mom,

You have to admit taxing cows for greenhouse gasses is a little funny. A little...right?

Mainline Mom said...

Yeah ok, it is.

Todd Pruitt said...


I absolutely believe we must be good stewards of God's creation. Count me in.

I am just so tired of the environmental left which uses junk science for the purpose of advancing socialism.

Other raisng the prices of dairy products and making farmer's lives more difficult how will taxing cows reduce their...emisions?

Harley A. said...

There's some friends of mine that should probably be taxed as well...