Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Movies

Now for something a little less controversial.

Justin Taylor links to a list of "The Ten Most Redeeming Films of 2008." You can check out the list HERE.

Any thoughts?

Any you would add to or take off the list?


Fusion! said...

As I mentioned at B2W, the term redemptive (it's called the 10 most redemptive films) is being pressed thin. It's interesting that a few posts before, B2W posted an article on the difficulties of being relevant that hits it on the nose: we're moving to a place where everything is being made spiritual. I hope we are more guarded in the use of the term redemptive.

Alan Thomas said...

The Arts+Faith folks (including several professional Christian critics) have compiled their 2008 lists here--they don't use the term "redemptive" so much as "spiritually significant".

For what it's worth, the astounding, amazing A+F Top100 list (all time "spiritually significant films" list) is here.

I very strongly recommend most of the films on the Top100 list--and we'll be updating the list this year. Here's a shameless plug: All registered A+F users will get an invitation to participate.

Alan Thomas said...

One more quick comment (or two): With a new baby this year, I just didn't get out to the cinemas like I used to; I don't know when I'll restart the COS MoviesMatter group.

But, among the A+F reviewers, here are a few I really would highlight as having a good eye for great films: Jeffrey Overstreet and Steve Greydanus--both of whom are also regular reviewers for Christianity Today.

Alan Thomas said...

Some commentary on CT's list.