Monday, December 7, 2009

Read Stephen Nichols

I have had the good experience of hanging out with Steve Nichols over lunch. He is one of my favorite people to read. Dr. Nichols is a church historian who knows how to write church history. There is not a single one of his books that I do not highly recommend. One of my top choices for reads for 2009 is his book Ancient Word, Changing Worlds. Check out other titles by Stephen HERE.


Anonymous said...

I liked that book a lot too. Although, "Jesus Made In America" and "The Reformation" have to be my top 2 fav Nichols titles. He's such a humble guy and a great writer!!

Todd Pruitt said...

I agree. The two titles you mention are outstanding. I am convinced that it is a sin to make church history boring. Nichols does just the opposite. He is one of the few people out there writing church history for non-seminary students. I really appreciate him.