Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good Reading for Kids

I am a strong proponent of adventure stories. They can teach such virtues as sacrifice, courage, honor, and perseverance. Fortunately, the history of God's people is full of genuine adventure. A new book by Linda Finlayson is just the type of book I like my boys to read.

"There is an odd notion among school children that history is boring, just full of dates and events. But in fact history is really about people and their stories. Their stories range from dramatic adventures to examples of quiet courage, from those who chose to pursue the good and those who did not. What a treasure chest for a writer to choose from, especially for children...I have found the Montgomery Library at Westminster an invaluable resource for researching my books. It probably helps that I’m also married to the Library Director, who is an excellent research assistant."

- Author, Linda Finlayson

Martin Luther shakes in his boots. Accused of being a criminal and in danger of loosing his life he has to stand up for what he believes.

David Brainerd ventures into difficult wilderness territory in order to share the gospel. There are tough decisions to make during his travels. The risks are great but so are the needs.

William King simply obeys the Bible. It doesn't matter what the rich and powerful slave owners want - Jesus has other plans.

Brother Andrew risks his life so that Hungarians can read the Bible. But what about the Soviet troops who have invaded the country?

Nehemiah builds a wall while enemies plot to destroy his work.

Stephen prays to Jesus as an angry mob throws stones at him.

These men were all willing to take risks. They faced danger and difficulties. Some even died for what they believed in. While reading their exciting stories you will learn about why they did what they did and who it was who helped them.

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