Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Just Another Issue...

Abortion is not just one issue among many. We are not just arguing about different means to a shared end. We are arguing about the “right,” pulled out of constitutional thin air, to end a life. Abortion is the deepest social injustice because the human is helpless and innocent. It is the gravest tragedy because the procedure Abby Johnson describes is purposefully lethal and perfectly legal.

Lord, haste the day when the collective ignominy our nation feels toward slavery and racism will be felt concerning this evil as well.

And until that day, let every Christian light a candle and curse the darkness that makes its flame necessary.

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Belle Geary said...

God help us if the Christian community does not wake up to the evil we have allowed to flourish in our country. We must start voting our conscience. Elections do, in fact, have consequences.