Thursday, December 17, 2009

"C & E Christians"

A fascinating article on those who come to church only during the holiday season:

In Ohio, Hattie Gibson, 54, is defiant about only attending church twice-yearly and doesn't care who knows.

"I'm a C&E Christian and I'm proud of it," she says. "Churches have been giving me the full-court press for years, but I just ignore their silly mailings." She enjoys the warm community feeling at holiday services, but "won't sit for weekly indoctrination," she says. "If I hung around church, I'd just get into arguments."

Read the entire article HERE.

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threegirldad said...

When I was growing up, people referred to "'The Big Three' Crowd" (Christmas, Easter, and Mother's Day). Makes me wonder if treating Mother's Day this way is a regional thing.

[Hattie Gibson] enjoys the warm community feeling at holiday services

Isn't that exactly the problem? People aren't hearing anything during those services that cuts their souls to the quick -- and this at Christmas and Easter, of all times. How bizarre...and ironic...and tragic...