Monday, December 22, 2008

Out of Pocket

The posting is going to be pretty spotty over the next week. We are traveling during the holidays. We drove across Pennsylvania today. What a beautiful state!

We're staying in Dayton, Ohio tonight. By the way, if you're ever in Dayton during meal time don't eat at Tumbleweed. Let's just say that the good folks of Ohio should steer clear of trying to cook Southwestern cuisine.

I hope to get access to wireless once or twice over the next week. If so I will check in. But if I don't get a chance then everyone have a great Christmas.


AllisonC said...


Happy to here you have made it on the road! We will be praying for travel safety. And I wanted to let you know that your family had a place with us on Christmas, had the weather not cooperated. I hope you have a restful Christmas!


case.jess said...

Todd, when you left Kansas you left behind quality mexican cuisine. Tumbleweed is terrible.

Todd Pruitt said...


Thanks so much. The weather was fine, although freezing, until we reached Illinois on Tuesday. It turned really nasty - lots of cars and trucks off the road. Thankfully, we were kept safe through a few close calls. Lord willing we'll be back in town on Tuesday.

I miss good Mexican food. As far as I can tell Ohio is not known for its fine southwestern fare.