Thursday, December 18, 2008

The moral anarchy of abortion

Thanks to Justin Taylor for reporting on a recent document posted on President-elect Obama's website.

Gina Dalfonzo at Breakpoint's The Point blog:
A coalition of pro-choice organizations has sent Barack Obama and his transition team a document titled “Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration,” which has been posted on the president-elect’s website.

The document “urge[s] the next President to articulate and implement a vision for a new, commonsense approach to the nation’s and the world’s pressing reproductive health needs,” and outlines the actions they would like to see him take toward that end — including improving access to abortion worldwide, increasing funding for comprehensive sex education and defunding abstinence-only programs, pushing for the Freedom of Choice Act, and appointing pro-choice judges and government officials.

The Obama website is accepting comments on this document. Click here to read it and to give your opinion.

He goes on to offer these powerful words from John Piper:

. . . in a world without God, the will of the strong creates (or nullifies) the personhood of the weak. . . . And the awesome thing is that we endow her will not just with sovereignty over her unborn baby, but with the authority to define it: If she wants it, it is a baby, a person. If she does not want it, it is not a baby, not a person. In other words, in our laws we have now made room for some killing to be justified not on the basis of the rights or crimes of the one killed, but decisively on the basis of the will, the desire, of a stronger person. The decisive criterion of personhood and non-personhood, what is right and wrong, what is legal and what is illegal, is the will of the strong. Might makes right. Might makes personhood. Might makes legal. This is the ultimate statement of anarchy. It is the essence of the original insurrection against God, and against objective truth and right and beauty.

No culture can survive this kind of anarchical thinking indefinitely. Part of the remedy is to spread the truth: Might does not make right. Desire does not define duty. Wanting does not create worth. All of us know intuitively that if someone desires our destruction, that desire does not justify our murder. We know this. We should say it over and over again.

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Harley A. said...

Piper, as usual, is spot on.

And, enough of the pragmatic arguments. Nothing gets me angrier than listening to the tired and baseless arguments for abortion. Of course there are social circumstances that lead to abortion. Same for theft, murder, rape, drug use, child abuse, etc... No one in their right mind is arguing for legalizing these things. How is murdering an abortion doctor (which is wrong by the way) any different? One individual deemed that another didn't have a right to life and took his life - ITS THE SAME EXACT THING.

Abortion demonstrates the depths of depravity and foolishness to which our sin can drive us.

Todd Pruitt said...


Yes. Abortion is Romans 1 acted out right under our noses.

It is mankind doing what they know is wrong. It is trading what is clearly true for what is clearly wrong. And EVERYONE knows it regardless of their protests to the contrary.