Thursday, December 18, 2008

Curse This Global Warming! (2)

Pictures speak louder than a thousand bad scientists.


toothdoc said...

I'm just glad you and Karen finally got married, what a cute picture - you have really lost weight (and gotten tan).

The evangelical revolution has begun, Rick Warren is "America's pastor"

Todd Pruitt said...

We finally decided to make it official. After the ceremony, the minister sang "Love Me Tender."

ave said...

Must I reiterate? It could snow in Miami, and global warming still exists! And what knowledge do you have of the subject? You dismiss thousands of scientists with a sweeping statement, when really, their knowledge in the field is far greater than yours. You still have provided no evidence besides snow in normally warm areas.

Todd Pruitt said...


One more time...

The global temperature has been fluctating for as long as the planet has been around.

Further, the number of climatologists that are now challenging the man-made global warming myth is growing exponentially.

When did you receive your degree in meteorology?

Avery Keatley said...

When did you receive yours? And in mythology also I suppose?

Scientists will always disagree, on things that have been proven, on theories, on everything. In addition, what if these scientists are creating the idea that global warming doesn't exist to benefit themselves? (i.e.-scientists who work for, oh I don't know, auto companies? Similar to scientists who worked for tobacco companies and claimed that smoking didn't cause cancer.)

Todd Pruitt said...

My primary schooling in mythology comes from closely observing the life and work of Al Gore.

I'll betcha those global warming denying scientists also work for the Republican National Committee! I would also like to know if any of them are stock holders in hair spray companies.

Avery, you would do this great country a favor by investigating these links. Check it out and then report back once you get the evidence.

On the other hand who really needs evidence when the cause seems so good?

Todd Pruitt said...

Incidentally, I did not establish the standard that unless one is formally trained in meteorology one cannot comment intelligently on the man made global warming scam.

Shouldn't you follow your own advice?

Harley A. said...

As recent as the late seventies, the scientific community was claiming that man was about to cause the onset of an ice age due to our activity because of the cooling that had taken place in the middle of the 20th century – in fact it was dubbed the “little cooling”. Previous to this, there had been a period of warming in the early part of the century. Any scientist who tells you he can even come close to explaining the climatological model of the Earth is not being intellectually honest or is delusional.

For a society who believes the Earth has been around for billions of years, we surely are getting excited about a 20-30 year warming period that followed on the heels of a cooling period, which followed a warming period......

Todd Pruitt said...

The man made global warming hysteria has been manufactured by those with political agendas for the purpose of moving us toward greater government control of our lives. All one has to do is go to the global warming websites and the political agenda is no longer even veiled.

Like you Harley I remember well the coming ice age hysteria of the 70's. I remember the films and film strips we were shown by our teachers designed to scare our impressionable young minds. The top scientists of the day were agreed! The ice age is coming. And do you know what they said was bring it on? That's right! Green house gasses poured into the atmosphere by us.

How quickly we forget.

ave said...

Todd, aren't you the one who said I was lacking a degree in meteorology? You did set that standard by questioning my knowledge on the subject.

You are talking in circles.

Todd Pruitt said...


Surely you don't have this much time on your hands.

You have nothing to worry about. I just have this little ole blog. I won't be influencing any public policy. You can rest assured that our politicians will continue to bow to pressure from left wing groups who are using the man made global warming myth to expand the power of government.

I've just decided to complain about it while it happens. You are welcome to complain about my complaining but is that really how you want to spend your time?

Harley A. said...

Squelch the science that disagrees to maintain a politically determined position. Sounds familiar - same thing happened to me 500 years ago.