Friday, December 19, 2008

A bit of wisdom from an atheist


Noel said...

It reminds me of a quote by Nietzsche.

He says in his book, Thus Spake Zarathustra that for him to believe in the Redeemer, "His disciples would have to look more Redeemed."

(Matt Redmond told me that one)

Mainline Mom said...

Great video, really great. I'm desiring to share the gospel more and more but not sure exactly how and admittedly pretty chicken. So far I've been taking the "joyful and willing lifestyle" approach. But my whole unsaved family will be with us this Christmas, and I feel the need to do more.

Todd Pruitt said...

Let's keep reminding ourselves that most loving thing to do for one who is lost is to intrude into their world with the good news.

It is true that for some it will be a fragrance of death unto death but for those who are being saved it will be the fragrance of life unto life.

I struggle to bring faithful verbal witness to the lost just as much as anyone I suppose. The video I posted was a huge encouragement to me. What a confirmation of God's sovereignty in reminding us of the truth even from the lips of an atheist.