Monday, November 24, 2008

Whose Voice?

It seems that the Emergent folks have come up with a Bible they can call their own.

Thanks to Chris over at Extreme Theology for this update:

Emergent church leaders such a Brian McLaren and Chris Seay in conjunction with a pack of poets, songwriters and storytellers have just released a new “translation” of the Bible that they claim is a “fresh expression of the timeless narrative known as the Bible”. The name of this fresh “translation” is The Voice and it claims to be a dynamic translation of the Bible. Unfortunately, not since the release of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ New World Translation of the Greek Scriptures in 1950 has there been a bible published that so blatantly mangles and distorts God’s Word in order to support a peculiar and aberrant theological agenda.

I recently purchased a copy of this fresh “dynamic translation” of Bible and spent some time doing comparative work with key passages of the New Testament from The Voice, The ESV and the Greek text. Sadly I must report that this new Emergent “translation” is so far off the mark that I think one could reasonably argue that by producing their own distorted version of the Bible the Emergent church has crossed the line from being a ‘movement’ to actually becoming a cult.

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rmkton said...


I promise this is my last comment on your blog as I think we are wasting each other's time...neither one of us seems to be convinced by each others views. I have tried (unsuccessfully...which I think says more about me than you) to get you inside the mind of postmoderns. I know this is it was for me. However, I feel this is important for the future of Christianity...not that we get everything "right"...but that we forge ahead in faith as our knowledge and understanding change. We do not practice the Christianity of the 1st century and our children's children will most likely not practice ours either.

Now getting to the posting...This type of reaction to this new translation appeals only to those who already oppose it and makes them feel good about themselves...i.e. "we have the right translation, right theology, right practice, etc. etc. etc." It will get nowhere with postmoderns for several reasons....1) it is a modern approach 2) if the modern church has all of the "right" things why is it as dysfunctional as any other similar organization? 3) it plays upon the same old rehashed fears that are rampant in evangelicalism that quite frankly one gets tired of hearing.

I wish you well in your crusade to promote your version of Christianity, but some day when you are not only willing to ask the tough questions but also are open to the tough answers I hope you will think of some of these e-conversations we have had. Sometimes this takes real hard blows from life...sometimes it takes a realization that life is a lot more complex than some of our biblical models account for...and sometimes we just wake up and see it....most times it is a combination of all of these.

This has been my journey...and I am not afraid any more.