Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"The Abbreviated Jesus"

Good stuff from Michael Spencer:
You’re going to discover that there’s a remarkable resemblance between the abbreviated Jesus and the current version of political correctness. (Isn’t it unusual how Jesus takes an interest in whatever happens to be the current rage on CNNMSNBCCBSSUSATODAY?

I’m not sure this abbreviated Jesus believes in hell.

He seems considerably more flexible on sexual matters than one would believe reading the Bible.

Living together before marriage? The abbreviated Jesus seems to have not issued a statement on that one.

I actually think the abbreviated Jesus doesn’t like to be bothered with issues of morality, character or behavior. He’s mostly interested in larger political and cultural issues, or your experience at your local church, or how you’re doing in your relationships.

The abbreviated Jesus has quite a bit in common with contemporary “life coaches,” talk show hosts, political apologists, faith-based advocates, teachers of “principles,” community organizers and family values lobbyists.

The people who talk about the abbreviated Jesus don’t seem to know much about the Bible. Not at all.

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Mainline Mom said...

Very good stuff and worth following the link to read the entire post, also worth reading the comments. Todd, you are truly blessing me by introducing me to all these great blogs, which is prompting me to crave digging into scripture and theology more than feeding my social networking addiction.

Todd Pruitt said...

mainline mom,

I'm happy you have been encouraged. I love getting good resources out to people. I hope everyone has a chance to check out the "audio" section of the blog. LOTS of great teaching and preaching there.

Noel said...

A Ha! This must be the Christ Tony Jones follows. Now it makes sense! (I'm reading your posts backwards)