Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sizing up the election

John Piper being his usual non-controversial self.


DanGifford said...

Todd - Piper's comment about whether God will judge America for our social evils has troubled me. Specifically, he stated that contrary to the thought that America will be judged for permitting abortion, "abortion is the judgment." Regarding homosexuality, "the spread of radical gay activism is the judgment." I have never heard this before. This paradigm certainly did not exist in the Old Testament - ask the Canaanites. I have been thinking about whether this position is Biblical under the New Covenant and I can't think of any Scripture to justify it. Can you help me here?

I can certainly appreciate his view that we don't live for politics and that God can turn this for good no matter who gets elected. My question is will He? Or is He allowing us to further marginalize Him and remove ourselves from His blessing?

BTW, welcome to CoS, brother.

Todd Pruitt said...


Good thoughts.

I think there is a new covenant category for the spread of sin being the very judgment of God. Romans one seems to indicate this.

Anyway, that's my best shot.

Thanks for the welcome Dan. It is great to be here.