Friday, November 21, 2008

Music Break

I have a lot of affection for the music of the 70's. The bands at that time were expected to know more than three or four chords. In other words, they were actually musicians. Back in the day Kansas was an amazing band. Steve Walsh had one of the best voices in popular music. Another thing I like about Kansas is that they were not exactly a pretty boy band.


toothdoc said...

Your taste in music continually amazes - could not be different from your taste in literature :) btw, I want a picture of you from the 70's posted cuz I'm bettin you looked like the fiddlel-player.

Todd Pruitt said...


Never question my taste in music.

You ought to explore the finer points of KANSAS. Get "Leftoverture" and "Masque".

The only difference between me and the fiddle player is that my afro was never quite that large.

Pete Morris said...

Great! For a kid you have good taste in music but I've known that from the beginning. Brought back memories of YES, THE DOORS, PINK FLOYD, CHICAGO, LYNARD SKINNER, and more original great rock and roll artists. I probably sound like those of another generation reminiscing over Dorsey and Sinatra.

God's beauty can beheld in surprising places. God is good all the time.

case.jess said...

Play some YES.

"Miracle of Life"

rmkton said...

cool vid...saw Kansas a few years back at the Lorain County Fair in Lorain, OH...needless to say they did not look much better...btw the keyboardist (Kerry Livgren) is a Christian.

Noel said... guys are making me feel VERY young! Thanks for the little lift!