Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hitchens and Wilson: The God Debate

Check out this debate between atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian apologist Douglas Wilson held at Westminster Theological Seminary.


Noel said...

I'm very exicted to see this posted on your blog! I'm taking a philosophy class as part of my Masters degree and the next topic of discussion is religion and God. The book we're reading is "Think" by Simon Blackburn, and he is clearly anti-god anti-religion. Thanks for the video. I'll watch it soon! If you have any other good links, send them my way. I want to represent God well in this class. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.

Todd Pruitt said...


Check out "The Last Superstition" by Feser. It is an outstanding refutation of the new atheism.

Some other helpful reads:
"The Reason for God" by Keller
"The Deluded Atheist" by Wilson
"Atheism Remix" by Mohler


Noel said...

I've watched the "debate" which was very informative. I'm left with one sobering thought: How is it that an atheist has a better understanding of who God is than most "Christians?" As I listen to many atheists explain why they do not believe in God, it appears that they do truly do understand who God is and this is why they reject him. (Read some of Richard Dawkin's comments about God) Does that make sense?

Jared said...

Great post and great blog. The debate, at least most of it, is on YouTube now. Also, that was one of the best sermons on prayer I've ever heard yesterday, and I've heard dozens. Thanks for the work and prayer you put into that.

Another amazing piece on prayer that I go back to time and time again is Gaffin's lecture, "The Poverty of Prayer." http://www.wts.edu/resources/media.html?paramType=audio&filterTopic=&filterSpeaker=10&filterYear=