Friday, February 19, 2010

McLarenism VS. Christianity

Some of you may be wondering why I am dedicating so many posts to Brian McLaren's new book. The reason is two-fold. First it is important to confront those who call themselves Christians but trash God and His Word. Secondly, Brian McLaren is one of the most influential "evangelicals" (according to Time). Therefore, Brian is influencing a lot of Christians. He is a classic wolf in sheep's clothing and the Bible is not agnostic about how those who lead God's people astray ought to be dealt with.

When you get a chance read Kevin DeYoung's excellent review of A New Kind of Christianity.

I do not write these words carelessly but I do not know any other conclusion but that McLaren is an apostate. What else can we conclude about one who writes that the God revealed in Scripture is "an idol, a damnable idol"? (p. 65).

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