Monday, February 22, 2010

The Moonies learn from the Evangelicals...

Remember the Moonies? Well, they are still around and have learned from some of their mistakes and excesses of the past. Also, it looks like the Unification Church has learned a few things from modern evangelicals.

From an article posted at NPR:

In her first interview with a reporter since taking over the church, she tells NPR that a major challenge came from the Asian church elders, who were upset that a woman was selected to run the American church. Then, they balked at her vision: a national church, which she calls Lovin' Life Ministries, based in New York City, with smaller satellite churches.

In Jin Moon replaced the old holy songs with rock 'n' roll, and fluorescent lighting with concert lighting and a giant video screen...

So In Jin Moon did what the evangelicals do: She used music and technology to spark spiritual experiences. She says it is working.

"Some have called it 'electricity running through my body, feeling of warmth — just feeling as if they're engulfed in love,'" she says. "For those kids who come and have that conversion experience, then their belief system becomes theirs."

Read the entire article HERE.

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