Saturday, February 20, 2010

Phil Ryken named the next President of Wheaton

Congratulations to Wheaton College on a very wise decision to name Philip Ryken as their next President. But what is a gain for Wheaton is a loss for Philadelphia. Please pray for Tenth Presbyterian Church that God will send them a faithful man to carry on in the tradition of Barnhouse, Boice, and Ryken. For Wheaton College, one of the most influential forces in American evangelicalism, Dr. Ryken's appointment is a positive step in their theological identity.


ramona said...

"Wheaties' will be glad to hear this I am sure.

Todd Pruitt said...

Wheaton has been a bit adrift in recent years. This kind of drift is inevitable in an evangelical institution that does not define its boundaries very well. The appointment of Dr. Ryken is a good sign that perhaps Wheaton will begin to define itself a bit more carefully.