Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When private problems become public entertainment

I am going to try to comment only once more on the Jon and Kate situation (see previous post HERE). I confess that I did watch the fiasco Monday evening. As every person in the known world knows by now Jon and Kate are pursuing a divorce.

It seems that Kate will continue to build her empire while Jon gets busy sowing a few particularly wild oats. Kate is clearly the driven partner in the arrangement while Jon is the passive agressive man-child. Last evening's episode, built around the ratings bonanza of their big "announcement" was also a tool for promoting a company in Maine that builds high end play houses for children. Yet again the ever present and profitable product placement. While mom and dad spent what was surely a small fortune for most of us on custom designed play houses their marriage was breathing its last. The irony does not get much more ironic.

One of the things that the estranged couple said repeatedly throughout the episode was that the most important thing was their kids. It seems that everything Jon and Kate do is for the kids. Kate explained that they did the show and built the big house for the kids. Jon said that he had to what was best for him...and the kids. They celebrate holidays for the kids, have picnics for the kids, and go on vacations for the kids. The only thing they are not going to do for their kids is the thing their kids need most: stay together.


Jase and Melissa said...

I think we can all safely admit that the marriage might have been salvaged if Jon had simply gotten just a few more hair plugs and one more piercing. So close. Thank goodness TLC is no longer indulging this dysfunctional drama. Todd, I guess all you'll have now is "What Not to Wear." Alas.

Todd Pruitt said...

I thought the hair plugs were great until I saw the piercings and then I was really impressed. He's only 32 (as he reminded the audience twice) and he's already going through a midlife crisis.

"What Not to Wear" may possibly be the most sophisticated contribution to contemporary culture (along with the Jonas Brothers of course).

Noel said...

Hey, don't knock "What Not to Wear." They are clothing genuises; a rare find indeed. (I know Todd watches.. He can't possibly read books on the reformation ALL the time.)