Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will"

Kevin DeYoung's new book "Just Do Something" is getting some outstanding reviews. With all the novel approaches in the church to "finding God's will" a truly good book on the subject is needful.

Dan Phillips over at Pyromaniacs has posted a review:

DeYoung sounds a Biblical wake-up-grow-up-and-get-moving call to an over-introspective, hyper-spiritualized, omen-seeking, vapor-locked, pseudo-spiritual, choice-overloaded generation. He rightly exposes the mania to seek, know, and do "God's personal will for me" as un-Biblical, and opposes it with the Bible's vision of a God who has given a sufficient, full, written revelation of Himself, has every detail in our lives (and everything else) under His sovereign control, and wants us to get moving in the path of obedience and wisdom.

It's theologically solid, and packed with Biblical grounding from start to finish.

Read the entire post HERE.

From Josh Harris' endorsement:

Kevin DeYoung is a skilled pastor, theologically astute and a clear communicator. He gives you content but makes it easy to absorb and understand.

In this book he will show you what trips you up from moving forward in decisions. He'll talk about how God speaks to us and what it means be guided by wisdom. In a gentle and loving way he will challenge you. There's a good chance that you've picked up some faulty ways of thinking about this issue. I love the way no-nonsense way Kevin pulls us back to truth: "God is not a magic eight ball we shake up and peer into whenever we have a decision to make. He is a good God who gives us brains, shows us the way of obedience, and invites us to take risks for him."

I'm a pastor. And the highest praise I can give this book is that it is my "go to" book on decision making and "finding God's will." If you were in my church and you came to be and said, "I have a big decision to make (marriage, job, house, etc), and I need to know what God wants me to do!" I would put this book in your hands.

Order "Just Do Something" HERE.


nailed to the doors said...

Like Randy and I discovered after prayer, Bible Study, advice seeking, training, was "nothing to it but to do it."

Mainline Mom said...

Looks like a really good read. I will add it to my list.