Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Understanding Pastors

Andy Naselli posted the following:
Dan Burrell, a former pastor, offers what he calls “some things that I’m guessing your pastor wishes you knew about him” (part 1 / part 2).

He lists ten main points:
1. Bible college and seminary weren’t enough.
2. Good sermon preparation takes time.
3. His family is important too.
4. Be kind if you have a criticism.
5. Give your pastor time to grow.
6. Your pastor probably views you differently than you view him.
7. Pastors sometimes find it difficult to have friendships.
8. Your pastor may well be different out of the pulpit than when he’s in the pulpit and that doesn’t necessarily make him a hypocrite.
9. Your pastor has bills too.
10. Your pastor loves the work of the ministry.

I really resonate with these words. I must confess that we pastors can tend toward self-pity. I think that is born chiefly in the fact that we often times feel as if no one understands us. Boo Hoo! Right? Whether right or wrong I think Dan Burrell's post gives some valuable insight into why we pastors are the way we are.


Jerry F said...

My college roomate is a Pastor. I have seen first hand the blessing he has been to many, while waking up at 4 AM, having crazy women try to pursue him romantically, having three kids, and loving his wife. I think he likes to talk to me because I treat him as a normal human being. He would have been "successful" at anything he chose-think about the skills (gifts) that these men possess-but he felt called to the ministry.He is where he belongs. I have no doubt, Todd, that you are where you belong.

Todd Pruitt said...


Thanks for the affirmation. I to have no doubt that I am where I am supposed to be. Other than a few shots here and there the people of COS have been incredibly gracious and encouraging.

Kimberly said...


...not intending to elevate you to "rock star status" or anything here :)

...but want you to know that your preaching (and your blog) have made a big impact on me. I'm re-discovering the importance of God's Word, and the value of no nonsense, biblically-based preaching.

Thank you!

Todd Pruitt said...


Fortunately God has given me a number of good brothers who remind me regularly that I am far from a rock star. Also, my own routine goof ups remind me of that as well.

Thanks for the kind words.