Friday, August 29, 2008

When Prayer Becomes Political

Any Thoughts?

Is it appropriate for a Christian to invite people "of other faith traditions" to pray to their own god?

Is it appropriate for a Christian to refer to false doctrines and idolatries as "other faith traditions?"

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Noel said...

I'm reading the book of Judges and the the following theme keeps remerging."Everyone did what was right in their own eyes." Some Israelites built alters to Baal, others to Asherah, and some still worshipped God. The Israelites were politically correct. They wouldn't have offended any of their Caananite neighbors because they had basically condoned, and even adopted their false gods and allowed them to be exalted beside the one true living God. They were following their own traditions of faith and allowing everyone else to follow theirs. Everyone did what they thought was right. This was the very behavior that prompted God allow their enemies to oppress, defeat, and enlsave them over and over. God was angry. He was very angry.

So I ask you, how is this prayer and this tolerance of false religions any different than what happened in Judges? I would venture to say its not. Only the God of the Bible, the Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ deserves our prayers and worship. When a pastor (or anyone) invites people to worship their false gods, while he "prays" to the true God it is exceedingly blasphemous. God's infinite worth has been trampled and his name has been marignalized. It is absolutely appalling!