Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Catholic Church rebukes one of its own

Nancy Pelosi probably wishes she had not publically commented on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and its history and teaching regarding abortion. She has been receiving a steady stream of rebukes from various officers in the Church since her ill-informed foray into theology and church history.

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Politics can be treacherous. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked on even riskier ground in a recent TV interview when she attempted a theological defense of her support for abortion rights.

Roman Catholic bishops consider her arguments on St. Augustine and free will so far out of line with church teaching that they have issued a steady stream of statements to correct her.

The latest came Wednesday from Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik, who said Pelosi, D-Calif., "stepped out of her political role and completely misrepresented the teaching of the Catholic Church in regard to abortion."

It has been a harsh week of rebuke for the Democratic congresswoman, a Catholic school graduate who repeatedly has expressed pride in and love for her religious heritage.

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