Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Providence of God in Sickness and Suffering

Those of you who know me know my affection for Charles Spurgeon. His life and ministry is a worthy subject of study for any Christian but especially for those serving in full-time service to the Gospel.

Gordon Cheng has posted some excellent reflections on Spurgeon's life, particularly his daily struggle with sickness and various other sources of suffering. It's well worth the read.

For further reading:

Spurgeon by Arnold Dallimore

Lectures To My Students by Charles Spurgeon

Majesty in Misery (3 Vol.) by Charles Spurgeon

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon


/Karen/ said...

Err, it was Gordon Cheng, not Tony Payne.

Todd Pruitt said...

Wow! How did I miss that?

I'll make the change.