Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Certainly you have noticed that some of my recent posts have concerned the issue of abortion. The rationale behind this is the fact that, this being an election season, abortion is in the news quite a bit. Also, abortion is one of the most crucial moral issues of our time. Since the passing of Roe Vs. Wade America has aborted some 50 million babies. The numbers are so immense that it is easier to dismiss the issue all together. It's a bit like trying to contemplating the distance between earth and Alpha Centauri. It is just too much.

As the previous post helps to demonstrate, abortion is not a political issue. It's about God. Certainly, there are political implications because we live a country where our laws are written by men and women we elect to public office. I am sorry that one political party has been the primary champions of abortion. But that should not keep people of good conscience from speaking out.

As many of you know I do not "do" politics from the pulpit. I don't endorse candidates. I don't endorse political parties. The church must carefully avoid being co-opted by politicians. This is a problem on the both the right and the left. But to speak out on abortion is not a violation of this principle because the morality and theology of abortion transcends politics.

Personally I will not vote for a pro-choice politician. Some will criticize me for being a one issue voter. But I submit that we are all one issue voters. It just depends on what the issue is. For me, abortion is an issue of such moral urgency that I cannot support a candidate who does not have the moral clarity to recognize this fact. The "one issue voter" criticism is a bit like saying to Mary Lincoln, "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

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DreamCamelot said...

I think your comments about abortion being an issue that transcends politicis, involving theology and morality are correct. And I am very pleased to see that you have the clarity and the courage to speak out on this issue. I also appreciate your comments and concern about the church not being “co-opted” by politics.