Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Red-Letter Christians

Justin Taylor has linked to a very helpful article by D.A. Carson on what is known as "Red Letter Christians." I have been warning about this movement for some time. They have a distorted doctrine of Scripture therefore a distorted doctrine of Christ Himself.


casebo said...


RLC's can be particularly frustrating. Here are a few blurbs from a conversation I had with some friends of mine over some emergent leaders, their teaching, and the authority of Scripture:

"If you want perfect...go to Jesus' teaching.  Not Paul, James, Timothy, etc. etc. Or people through history like Augustine, Wesley, Calvin, Sperg., or present-day people like Billy G, Piper, Bell or whoever else.  Each raises important questions.  Each has an amazing story.  Each has some life experiences that can really teach, inspire, encourage, and challenge us.  But each is an interpretation from Jesus...and may we not try to copy the copy, but go straight to the original." 
"At any rate, the teachings of Paul were not based on the gospels we have written out for us, which we know in at least two ways that come to mind: 1) historically, the letters of Paul were written before the gospels; and 2) Paul himself says he consulted no man when he started sharing his "gospel" (Galatians 1). Because this is true, the difference is acceptable, good, and should not be hidden."

Todd Pruitt said...


That's been my experience with the RLC's as well. Underneath their very spiritual sounding devotion to the words of Jesus is a deeply flawed understanding of Scripture.

You will find among them a disdain for doctrine particularly the atonement and justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.