Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doctrine Matters - The Shack

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Steven said...

This seems to be a angry self-righteous, unloving response to a wonderful, loving novel. If The Shack promotes "graven imagery", then Jesus did the same when He told many parables where He describes God as a vineyard owner; a forgiver of debt; etc...Jesus describes God , at times, in human ways for human beings to better relate. We from a human perspective could argue about how we interpret scripture's explanations of the Trinity. Even The Shack demonstrates a separate, equal, picture of the Trinity. Clearly in the book, God (Papa) is the leader...even if explained as there is no hierarchy. This "doctrine matters" condemnation of the Shack is nothing more than a Pharisaical unloving rant. I see The Shack as a loving attempt to give better clarity to something we can never come close to explaining or fully understanding this side of heaven. The Shack will turn many more toward our loving Father, than this angry, self-righteous, "doctrine matters" message ever will. When the disciples asked Jesus to show us the Father, Jesus replied that by seeing Jesus, you have seen the Father. I would argue that we see the Father much more clearly in The Shack than we do in this video.

Read the book, skip this video "explanation".