Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Moral Blindness of Barack Obama

Okay, I'm laying my cards on the table. Christians should not vote for Barack Obama. Those of you who know me know that while I do speak to political issues I am very careful not to endorse any candidates or use my pulpit for political causes. But we know that the world of politics is not divorced from the world of morality. In this video, as elsewhere, Barack Obama demonstrates his utter moral blindness. He is not fit to lead anyone much less a nation.

God does not owe America anything better than Barack Obama. We know that it is God who establishes a nation's leaders. God's purposes are at times to bless and at other times to judge. If Obama becomes our next president then it will be time for Christians to grieve.


Harley A. said...

If people only knew the history of Planned Parenthood. What a lovely sounding name that covers up a morally bankrupt and Satanic organization. I wonder does the average Christian understand where PP came from - where their roots lie ? I wonder do most understand what eugenics is and how it is alive and well (although underground) in PP ? Do they know that it is built on the same foundation (some of the very same scientists and thinkers) that fueled Hitler's eugenics program. Todd, I know you can't preach politics (and I wouldn't want you to on a regular basis) but to inform your congregation on these types of issues (this one in particular), I think is your obligation when it is an issue we both know offends God in a particularly bad way. When I read the words of the OT prophets, I shudder to think where the US is headed. I don't want to hear any longer how we are a Christian nation - I wouldn't smear my Savior's name that way.

Harley A. said...

Wow, did I write that ? Sorry, didn't mean to come across so strong. Maybe I should change my username to "GrumpyOldMan".

Great post - really struck a nerve...

Todd Pruitt said...


It struck a chord with me as well brother. To hear a man that may be our next president celebrate the "wonderful work" of Planned Parenthood is nothing less than obscene.

Keep your passion.


melledge said...

Hi Todd,

I wish it was just as simple as "Don't vote for Obama." All the candidates seem pretty incompetent to me right now. Any voting suggestions (other than "a vote for McCain is a vote AGAINST Obama")?