Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wagner Vs. The Facts

Timmy Brister posts an effective rejoinder to Bill Wagner's assertions about Calvinists and evangelism.


Harley A. said...

When will this argument ever get old ! It just isn't true. I could accuse every Arminian brother of being cut from the mold of Finney. But that would be ridiculous. Do some Calvinists err in their views on missions ? Of course ! As do some Arminian brothers. Our biggest difference is how our doctrinal beliefs inform how we go about missions - not that they diminish the need for missions. Maybe he confuses this because we confess God's absolute sovereignty in the process. God's sovereignty does not diminish our responsibility to His call - pretty simple, isn't it?

Todd Pruitt said...


The accusations do get old. Brister does a great job of reminding us about the founders of the modern missions movement. There simply is no contradiction between a belief in God's sovereignty in salvation and missions. They are beautiful compliments to one another. Carey could not have gone to India had he not believed in sovereign election. Even today, as Brister points out, the leaders in the missional/church planting movement are reformed which makes Wagner's statements all the more ridiculous.