Saturday, March 1, 2008

Magnifying the Value of God

Jason over at FideO posted this. Great stuff.


Noel said...

very convicting.

riccrowder said...

Anyone else catch the "Starbucks" in there. Another question is why did God give us Coffee? to show that coffee is not our God but God is our God. That one may be harder than the money issue :)

Seriously, I have heard better "don't let money be your God" sermons. This one walks a fine line because God does not give us things to trip us up, does he? He does not lead us into sin or tempt us. Saying that God gave us money so that we can show that money is not our God but God is our God implies that He gives it to us to test us, what about those who don't have money - are they not worthy of the test? Can't the same be said for our kids,wives,health. Seems a little impersonal for me to think that God gave me children so that I could prove to Him that I love Him more than them?

Todd Pruitt said...


If that is what he was saying then I agree with you completely. However, I don't hear that in Piper's words. What I hear is that everything we do magnifies something or someone. And since God is the only thing in the universe of infinite value and worth then it makes sense that we should do all we do for His glory. Indeed He commands it. He is worthy of that.

I certaintly don't want to live in fear that I may do something with one penny that might not have glorified God fully. That would be bondage. But whether I eat or sleep or spend money or go to work or recreate I want it to magnify the infinite worth of God.

Unless I misunderstand him, I think that is what he is saying. Also, since I have read most of Piper's books I know that this is the heartbeat of his message.