Thursday, March 6, 2008

Douglas Groothuis on the conscience of evangelicals

Justin Taylor posted this article from Douglas Groothuis("Evangelicals, for God's Sake, Please Wake Up").


Joe said...

Amen to this! I could go on and on when it comes to this subject, but I will refrain. Thanks for posting this. On a side note (really holds no importance, just trivia!) Douglas Groothuis served as our interim pastor for a while at our church, Riverside Baptist in Denver after our pastor passed away. We enjoyed him.

Jill Romines

Todd Pruitt said...

I remember hearing about your former pastor's death. I have some close family friends who grew up with him. His dad was their pastor in Missouri. Anyway, I always heard great things about him.

Dr. Groothuis has some very helpful books.

kevcyp said...

This post is right on the mark. A coworker of mine has a sister who is a labor and delivery nurse. He asked her, "In 20 some years of doing this job, how many abortions had to be performed to save the life of the mother?". Her answer, "None".

Todd Pruitt said...


There is no doubt that the abortion to "save the life of the mother" is profoundly exagerated. It is merely a loophole to justify a wicked practice.