Monday, April 4, 2011

Do you want to love the Old Testament?

One of the great joys that a Christian can experience in the Scriptures is the discovery of the Christ-centered nature of the Old Testament. But unfortunately many Christians miss this joy because of the difficulty in finding truly great resources on interpreting the Old Testament.

One of my favorite preachers is Dale Ralph Davis. Dr. Davis is a pastor and former professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. Don't ever think that an academic cannot be a truly warm and engaging preacher.

The first time I ever heard Davis preach was at the Basics Conference (an annual pastor's conference at Parkside Church where Alister Begg serves as pastor). He blew me away with his insight, warmth, and passion.
His commentaries are among the most helpful in my library. What is more, Dr. Davis writes with the layperson in mind. His commentaries are not highly technical. They are intended to be used by pastors and laypersons alike for the building up the church.

If you desire to study the Old Testament for your personal growth or if you are looking for resources to help in your teaching ministry then you simply must get acquainted with Dale Ralph Davis.

Check out his commentaries

Check out his preaching audio


Paulicus said...

Hey Todd, thanks for the recommendation. I have recently been looking for some quality OT commentaries so this post is timely. I notice that his focus is on the historical books. Do you have any recommendations for the minor prophets?

Todd Pruitt said...


Here are some recommendations for Minor Prophets:

Zechariah - Richard Phillips

Man Overboard (Jonah) - Sinclair Ferguson

The Prophets Speak of Him (overview) - Selvaggio

Micah - Dale Ralph Davis

Expectant Prophet (Habakuk) - John Currid

Love Divine & Unfailing (Hosea) - Michael Barrett

The Message of Hosea (BST) - Derek Kidner

The Message of Amos (BST) - Alec Motyer

Salvation Through Judgment and Mercy (Jonah) - Bryan Estelle

Prophet of the Coming Day of the Lord (Joel) - O. Palmer Robertson

God's Restored People (Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi) - J.L. MacKay