Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rob Bell on Good Morning America

Thanks to Denny Burk for linking to Rob Bell's appearance on Good Morning America.

The story features a tweet posted from Josh Harris which gets to the point: “There’s nothing loving about preaching a false gospel.”

The report also features Al Mohler representing the historic, orthodox consensus:

“If indeed Rob Bell denies the existence of hell, this is a betrayal of biblical truth that has severe spiritual and evangelistic consequences… Jesus was himself very, very clear about the reality and threat of hell.”

Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary, represented the liberal side of the debate:
“I think that the people who are going after Rob Bell as controversial are themselves closer to heresy than Rob Bell is… Jesus’ message was basically that the love of God is stronger than anything we can do. And the forgiveness of God is stronger, so why would that God be torturing people in some made-up hell?… Centuries of theologians … have said that the question of heaven and hell was not something that we should be worrying about but rather doing good in this life and loving God.”

President Jones' answer affirms the truth of what Machen wrote almost 100 years ago. Liberalism is not so much a form of Christianity but an entirely different religion. They have embraced another gospel.

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