Thursday, March 3, 2011

A dangerous place to be a Christian...

Afghanistan continues to be a place where it is dangerous to be a Christian. It is particularly dangerous to convert from Islam to Christianity. Such a conversion carries with it a death sentence. Those who do convert know that they are potentially laying down their lives.

Thanks to Denny Burk for posting this:

Another Afghan convert is facing possible execution for his Christian faith. His name is Shoaib Assadullah, and he is 23 years old. Michael Foust has done some excellent reporting on this story, and I hope and pray that it will help to focus attention on Shoaib’s case. Intense international scrutiny led to the release of Said Musa last week. Let’s pray that the same might happen for brother Shoaib.

Michael Foust has printed a translation of the entire text of a letter that was smuggled out of Shoaib’s prison cell. I reprint that letter in full below. After you read the letter, please pray for Shoaib. Pray that he might be released to safety and that he would bear faithful witness to Christ no matter what happens.

Please pray for the protection and perseverance of Shoaib Assadullah, our brother in Christ.

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