Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nine Marks Journal

The Latest Nine Marks Journal is available. The theme of this issue is the relationship between the church and the parachurch.

J. Mack Stiles, Nine Marks of a Healthy Parachurch Ministry. A longtime parachurch veteran lays out nine things that should keep a parachurch ministry faithful to the gospel.
Carl Trueman, How Parachurch Ministries Go Off the Rails. Parachurch ministries often go wrong because they sideline important doctrines and lack proper accountability.
Aaron Menikoff, Are Parachurch Ministries Evil? Bad and Good Arguments for the Parachurch. This article critiques common arguments in favor of parachurch ministries; then it offers surer footing for their biblical legitimacy and practical usefulness.
Byron Straughn, For the Parachurch: Know the Difference Between Families & Soccer Teams. Too many parachurch workers are only casually connected to a church. But this parachurch worker says they should reconsider this stance—for their good and the good of their ministries.
Andy Johnson, For the Church: Which Parachurch Ministries Should You Support? Pastors are flooded with requests for parachurch support. Here are a few principles to help you decide whom to get behind.
Jeramie Rinne, For the Church: How Can You Support Parachurch Ministries? How can the local church support parachurch ministries? This pastor says by attending to your church’s health, by providing accountability, and by promoting their work.
D. A. Carson, Praying for Parachurch Ministries. A seasoned saint, scholar, and parachurch leader offers six reflections on praying for parachurch ministries.
Jonathan Leeman, How Church Discipline Will Save the Parachurch. Imagine what the evangelical landscape would look like if local churches did more to correct sin. Might the landscape become crowded with healthy parachurch ministries?

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