Thursday, February 3, 2011

More selective outrage from pro-abortionists...

It seems that Ms. magazine has a problem with the reason some babies are aborted in India. That's right, that paragon of feminist empowerment has an issue with "the why" behind abortions in another country. You see, it is rather in vogue these days for Indians to kill female babies, er remove fetal material not possessing a y chromosome. Anyway, it seems rather odd that pro-abortion fanatics like the folks at Ms. would be troubled at the reasons offered for some abortions in India when they have fought so hard to have the right to abort babies for no reason at all.

Al Mohler comments:
Their feminist ideology does not even allow them to acknowledge that sex-selection abortions are perfectly legal in the United States, and that feminists have insisted that any woman has a right to an abortion at any time for any reason or for no stated reason at all. The pro-abortion ideology is so extreme that any opposition to the targeting of girls by sex-selection abortion is undermined by the movement’s enthusiasm for unfettered abortion rights.

The moral bankruptcy of their situation is revealed by the tepid language employed in the article and the lack of moral outrage. But how can Ms. muster any genuine outrage about sex-selection abortions in India when it has demanded unfettered abortion access in our own country? It cannot, and it does not. This monumental tragedy is described only as “the problem.”

The moral collapse of their position is seen in the fact that this murderous rampage against female babies cannot be described in the language moral sanity demands. The only morally sane response to this tragedy is outrage against the killing of all babies — followed by the affirmation of the sanctity and dignity of every human life.

We can only pray that embarrassment over this article might force some readers of Ms. magazine to rethink the entire question, for, as tepidly expressed in the closing words of the article, “People need to feel the magnitude of the problem.”
Read the entire article HERE.

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