Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love and the Ten Commandments...

This Sunday I am preaching on the subject of God as the Giver of the law. In studying, I ran across a helpful restatement of the 10 Commandments by D.L. Moody.

1. Love to God will admit no other gods.
2. Love resents everything that debases its object by representing it by an image.
3. Love to God never will dishonour His name.
4. Love to God will reverence His day.
5. Love of parents makes one honour them.
6. Hate, not love, is a murderer.
7. Lust, not love, commites adultery.
8. Love will give, but never steal.
9. Love will not slander or lie.
10. Love's eye is not covetous.

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Todd said...

This is very timely, I am preparing to preach on Loving God. I am going to have to borrow this.. Thanks