Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Shame VS. Shameless Profiteering

Perhaps you have heard the news that Ted Haggard is going to have his own reality show on TLC. I know. Just when you think someone's willingness to abase himself and his family can't be any greater...

Over at Ref21 Carl Trueman helpfully points out the difference between genuine shame and the shamelessness of profiting from that which is shameful. Of course, part of our problem is that we tend to think shame is an inherently bad thing. But shame plays an essential role if we are to be healthy people. Do you really want to live next door to someone who has no sense of shame? Do you want that person teaching your children, preparing your food, or leading your church?

Anyway, kudos to Carl for this paragraph particularly:

It is, of course, great that Ted Haggard's family seems to have survived intact, despite all that he inflicted on his wife and children. But I am left wondering if there is any shame or sense of basic decency left in this world; and are there no limits to the American `If you've got lemons, make lemonade' mentality? Are forgiveness and redemption really appropriate contexts for the marketing of oneself? Does everything in America have to be celebrified in a manner that would even make Liberace's PJs look tasteful? [emphasis mine]


Bill Weber said...

I really have no interest in throwing stones at Ted Haggard. But I was moved by his description of the service of John Profumo after his scandal.

Bill Weber said...
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