Friday, January 7, 2011


My question for the pro-choicers, like the misinformed Planned Parenthood spokesperson featured on the news report, is why not be happy about this news? Isn't this simply a sign of women exercising their "reproductive rights"? During President Bush's administration, Planned Parenthood and NARAL expressed concern when a particular state's abortion rate decreased. Surely this was evidence of a right-wing conspiracy to deny women their rights. But I digress. We could talk about the moral confusion of the pro-choice crowd all day.

So, why should pro-choicers be troubled by high abortion rates? If unborn humans are merely a part of the mother's body, fetal tissue, or some other kind of non-persons then why be bothered by high abortion numbers? No one voices concern over the number of appendectomies. No one will be bothered by a sudden increase of people having moles removed. Why all the fuss about removing animate tissue?

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