Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Bitter Anniversary: Roe v. Wade at 38

Justin Taylor has some excellent, albeit disturbing posts concerning abortion:

This is Abortion

The abortion industry thrives on remaining in the dark, behind closed and (usually) sanitized doors.

The following video is very graphic, but it depicts the reality that is happening in our neighborhoods, at the rate in the U.S. of:

•1.37 million unborn children killed every year.
•3,700 unborn children killed every day.
•1 unborn child killed every 23 seconds.
When you stop to realize that the US only accounts for 3% of abortions worldwide, you realize that there is a relentless global slaughter underway. May God exercise both his mercy and judgment, and may Christ return quickly.

Pro-Life Aplogetics for the Next Generation
A helpful post from Scott Klusendorf on four ways Christian leaders can help the next generation think clearly about the most pressing moral issue of our day:

1.Clarify the nature of moral reasoning.
2.Clarify the one question that really matters.
3.Clarify the scientific and philosophic case for life.
4.Clarify the path to forgiveness.
Read the whole thing.
"My Embryo Your Eyes Saw"
Bruce Waltke’s translation of Psalm 139:16.

An Interview with Robert George on Roe v. Wade

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