Monday, November 8, 2010

The Four Holy Gospels

I love the art of Makato Fujimora. I was actually a bit surprised when I first saw his work and was immediately drawn to it. I am a lover of representational art. I also appreciate the work of the great impressionists. But I have never had much of an appreciation for "contemporary" or abstract art. My rule of thumb is, "If I can do it then it's not art." This is why I am absolutely confounded by artists such as Mark Rothko (I mean, black canvases? C'mon!), Jackson Pollack (with only a few exceptions), Edward Ruscha, etc.

But Makato's work is special. It is certainly abstract but it is also highly technical. That is, it is clear that what he puts on canvass requires real skill. What results is extraordinarily beautiful paintings that seems to shine with an interior light. Another thing that makes Makato so special is that he is a Reformed Christian whose work is intended to capture the beauty and truth of God as He reveals himself in Scripture. For an artist as well known and respected in the international art community to have clear faith commitments (particularly Reformed faith commitments!) is rare indeed.

I am very excited about a new project from Crossway called The Four Holy Gospels. Watch the following video to find out about this historic publishing event.

Fujimura - 4 Holy Gospels from Crossway on Vimeo.

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That is very, very cool.