Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silliness Over Security

The current nonsense being visited upon Americans by the TSA (courtesy of the Department of Homeland Defense) is beginning to test our national patience. We desire security. Most of us take the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously. But most of us are also pretty sure that nuns, three-year-old girls, Midwestern housewives, and retired Lutheran pastors are not planning to bring down any airliners. As a former head of security for El Al Airlines described their success (in contrast to U.S. efforts at security): "You look for weapons. We look for terrorists."

Doug Wilson has weighed in on the current silliness at our nation's airports.

What happens is that those in power view everything in the light of what increases their power, making it easier for them to wield. The people themselves generally put up with it for a time, as incremental change follows incremental change. Then one day you show up at the airport two hours early, in order to allow time for the long security lines, for the TSA porn scanner, and the opportunity to be groped by someone in a bus driver's uniform. As you are winding your long way through that security line conga dance, opening bags, taking off belts, shucking off shoes, removing computers from their cases, and generally mooing along with the rest of the herd, answer me this. Why are you doing all this? Why, to preserve your liberties! George Orwell, call your office. But then one day the lights come on in a bunch of minds at the same time, and there is a very edifying commotion at Gate D18.

I do believe that Islamic terrorism is a real threat, and I further believe that something should be done about it. I also believe that our booted and spurred masters are not serious about that threat, and that they are serious about aggrandizing as much legal power as they can, while they can, in the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste.
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