Friday, November 26, 2010

The Sufficiency of Scripture...

It is a common mark of conservative American Evangelicalism that the Scriptures are held in high esteem theoretically but held in what may be described as disdain practically. A quick search of the sermon audio section of many conservative evangelical churches tells the tale. "We believe the Scriptures but we don't find them very helpful for preaching." But when the sufficiency of God's Word is abandoned by one generation, the next will abandon it's authority.

According to sixteenth-century Roman Catholics, the Bible was a dark and obscure book that required an infallible interpreter. Given many of the abuses and interpretive mistakes made by Rome, the Protestants were unconvinced and began to argue for sola scriptura, that the Scriptures themselves were clear on the central points of law and gospel. But what are the implications of this view? Does it mean that each of us has the right to private interpretation? What about the role of creeds and confessions? that’s what’s on tap this week at the White Horse Inn.

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