Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review of "Magnifying God in Christ"

I recently reviewed Tom Schreiner's excellent Magnifying God in Christ for The Gospel Coalition.

I have a simple rule of thumb when it comes to Thomas Schreiner: If he writes it, I read it. I have been sharpened by his commentaries on Romans and 1&2 Peter. His book on the doctrine of the saint’s perseverance, The Race Set Before Us is a wonderful synthesis of sound exegesis and exhortation. Believer’s Baptism is the best defense of credo-baptism I have read. I remember being excited when his massive New Testament Theology was released. It was well worth the time and attention required to read it. However, I remember thinking along the way that a condensed and more accessible version would be a coup for thoughtful lay persons. Thus, I welcomed the publication of Magnifying God in Christ with enthusiasm. I was even more enthused as I realized that this may well be the most helpful summary of the theology of the New Testament I had yet to read.

Thomas Schreiner is both a Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a teaching pastor in a local congregation. I point this out because it is clear that, for Schreiner, careful attention to matters of interpretation and doctrine are not to be confined to the academy but have devotional and doxological implications. In short, this is biblical scholarship in service to the church which is what all biblical scholarship ought to be.
You can read the entire review HERE.

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