Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take and Read

WTS Bookstore is offering two great books at 50% off.
You Can Change by Tim Chester
What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert


Anonymous said...

You know, it's sad that this book had to be written. I'm glad Greg wrote it, don't get me wrong, but he absolutely nailed it on the head when he said "Ask 100 evangelicals what the Gospel is and you'll get 60 to 70 different answers." I find that to be absolutely true in my own community and I'm sure in others as well. I even preached on Why the Gospel Matters (out of Romans 1) and I just got some glazed over looks from some of the people in the congregation because I think they hear the word "Gospel" and check out because odds are they've been in church long enough to know what the Gospel is. And the truth being we constantly need to hear the Gospel, and preach it to ourselves. I hope I get a chance to read this one.

Todd Pruitt said...

Nine Marks is doing great work. They are in the process of producing books on each of the Nine Marks. I'm looking forward to passing Gilbert's book along to a lot people. Also, in the same series Michael Lawrence has written a volume on the importance of biblical theology in the life of the church.