Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Bible is About God

It is not unusual for Christians to be familiar with the stories in the Bible but to miss what is most important in those stories. We hear messages like, "Dare to be a Daniel" and "Slaying the Giants in Your Life". Ironically, what is missed in the telling and preaching of those stories is God Himself. The most important question we can ask about any passage of Scripture is not "What does this mean to me?" but "What does God say about Himself in this passage?" Phil Ryken's book Discovering God in the Stories of the Bible will help you read the Bible through this most essential lens.

Human beings from the beginning of time have tried to figure out what God is. They have worshiped nature and idols and everything in between because they haven’t had a true answer to the vital question “What is God?” But the Bible tells us stories that illustrate just who God really is. It gives us a true answer to that question, an answer that has crucial implications for each of us in our daily lives. The 13 Bible stories explained in this book are full of exciting truths about God, and studying those truths is the key to knowing and loving God more. Each story gives us a a new facet of God’s nature and character.

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