Monday, January 25, 2010

Book Notes

by Michael Reeves

Published in 2009 by IVP UK, The Unquenchable Flame is, without question, the best, most enjoyable introduction to the Protestant Reformation I have read. It would have made my top five of 2009 if I had read it last year. I understand that it is going to be published in the US this year. If you don't want to wait you can obtain a copy through Amazon. Reeves writes history the way it ought to be written. You will be introduced to all the major players and events of the Reformation. And you're going to have trust me on this - it is a page turner. I know that church history is often thought of as a dry topic, but this is certainly not the case with The Unquenchable Flame. From now on it will be the first book to which I direct people who are desiring to learn more about that most significant of revivals since the apostolic age.

Magnifying God in Christ
by Thomas Schreiner

I just began reading Magnifying God in Christ last week at the recommendation of Carl Trueman. So far I am gobbling it up! It is shaping up to be the most helpful introduction to the New Testament I have read (and I've read a few!). In 2008 Dr. Schreiner published his massive New Testament Theology which is a book primarily for the academy. But with Magnifying God in Christ Dr. Schreiner has given to the church a great gift. This is New Testament theology at its best written for a more popular audience. If this book continues with the same excellence that I have experienced so far then I can say without hestitation that it will be the first book to which I direct laypersons who desire a deep grasp of God's revelation in the New Testament.

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