Friday, January 8, 2010

C.T. Interviews Brit Hume

Christianity Today has posted an interview with Brit Hume:

CT: In this discussion about Tiger Woods, it seems as though some are offended that you would say something about Christianity specifically.

Hume: Instead of urging that Tiger Woods turn to Christianity, if I had said what heneeded to do was to strengthen his Buddhist commitment or turn to Hinduism, I don't think anybody would have said a word. It's Christ and Christianity that get people stirred up.

CT: What about raising the topic of Buddhism?

Hume: I didn't say much about Buddhism. Look, I don't think there's any question, this is a matter of fact. I don't think Buddhism is hostile to forgiveness or redemption, but Christianity, like no other religion we've ever known, is principally, and fundamentally, and especially about forgiveness and redemption. That is what Christianity is based on. That is why Christ was here. That is what he came here to achieve. On that issue, Christianity is unique.

CT: Some have questioned whether Christianity can help you be more faithful to your spouse.

Hume: I don't think you draw a straight line that way. My sense is that if you turn to Christ and seek his forgiveness and mean it, you'll get it. You will be impelled and inspired to live the Christian life. Christianity is a religion for sinners. It doesn't encourage you to sin, it encourages you not to, but it provides a way of forgiveness and redemption. That's what Tiger Woods, like many sinners, needs. That's something we all need. He, in his particularly desperate moment here where he appears to be losing his family, is in special need of it. And I hope he finds it.

Read the entire interview HERE.

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